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The Coalition: The appointment of the Assad regime as a member in the World Health Organization is rejected, and an investigation must be opened into the legality of this measure

The National Coalition for Revolutionary and Opposition Forces considered the election of the Assad regime as a representative of the Middle East in the World Health Organization as “a scandal that exposes moral downfall and institutional, procedural, organizational and legal corruption.”

Abdul Majeed Barakat, a member of the political body in the National Coalition said to Fresh, “The criminal Assad regime, which targeted hospitals, medical centers and field hospitals, and killed thousands of doctors and medical staff over ten years, has become today a member of the Executive Council of the World Health Organization.”

The coalition considered that this appointment “sounds alarm bells about the internal system of this organization, and other organizations of the international community, shake people’s confidence in them, and even the usefulness of belonging to them.”

Barakat added: “The Assad regime has destroyed hospitals, estimated at more than 1,000 hospitals and medical clinics, so it is not trustworthy in the health sector in a village in order to be a participant in health decision-making worldwide, and the health sector in general is very deteriorated in its areas of control. “

“This measure is rejected, and the United Nations and the World Health Organization must open an investigation into the legitimacy of this measure, and the organization’s role in the procedures and facilities for the Assad regime’s access to membership in the Executive Council,” said Ruba Haboush, Vice President of the Coalition.

Al-Haboush stressed, “This measure will not be tolerated and will be dealt with by all political and legal measures. However, the World Health Organization has the duty to provide the humanitarian and medical needs of the Syrians in the north, especially since there are millions of them who have been displaced due to regime bombardment.

The World Health Organization had announced the election of the Assad regime to be a member of the organization’s executive council, and loyal media added that the Assad regime would be a representative of the Middle East in this membership.

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