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SNHR documents the killing of 96 civilians by “parties to the conflict” in Syria during a month

The Syrian Network for Human Rights issued a report in which it revealed the number of civilians who died at the hands of “parties to the conflict” in Syria, noting that 96 civilians were killed, including 15 children and 11 women, and 9 under torture in prisons, in May.

In its report, the Syrian Network said: “Assad regime forces were responsible for the deaths of 12 civilians this month, including three women and two children.”

The Network added that the forces affiliated with the Syrian Democratic Forces killed 13 civilians, including two children, in their areas of control in northeastern Syria, noting that “Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham caused the death of three civilians,” while the revolutionary factions killed one civilian, and 65 others were killed, including 11 children and eight women by unknown parties.

The report indicated that during the past month, nine civilians were killed under torture, including five at the hands of the Assad regime forces and two at the hands of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

It is noteworthy that the Syrian Network for Human Rights has documented many war crimes committed in Syria since the beginning of the Syrian revolution, at the hands of the “parties to the conflict.”

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