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100 new cases of coronavirus were recorded in northern Syria

The Epidemiological Surveillance Laboratory of the Early Warning and Epidemic Response Network Program at the Support Coordination Unit announced the registration of 100 cases of coronavirus, in northern Syria.

The network concerned with monitoring the outcome of Corona in northern Syria indicated that the registration of new infections raised the total number to 23,862, recoveries of 20,737 cases, and 672 deaths.

The network confirmed that the number of cases tested during 721, bringing the total number of cases tested to 139,674 in northern Syria.

The Network pointed out that previous deaths were classified as deaths related to the Coronavirus disease earlier, and among the accepted cases were cases of medical staff and displaced people inside the camps.

The network had indicated that it had confirmed new deaths in the areas of Aleppo and Idlib, which suggests that the announced outcome will increase during the daily disclosure of the outcome of the epidemic in northern Syria.

Most of the Syrian regions returned to record a daily increase in the outcome of Corona, most of them in the areas controlled by the Assad regime, which is ignoring and exploiting the outbreak of the epidemic, and medical warnings continue about the risks of accelerating the spread of the pandemic in the regions of northern Syria with the overcrowding of the region.

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