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The Syrian Network for Human Rights monitors the most prominent violations in Syria in May

Today, the Syrian Network for Human Rights issued its special monthly report that monitors the human rights situation in Syria, and reviewed the outcome of the most prominent human rights violations by the parties to the “conflict” and the controlling forces in Syria in May 2021, noting that the “presidential elections” that took place are under threat and terrorism challenges the legitimacy of the Assad regime in Syria and international forums.

The report – which came in 30 pages – reviewed the outcome of the most prominent violations documented in May, from the death toll of civilian victims, and recorded in May the killing of 96 civilians, including 15 children and 11 women, the largest percentage of victims were at the hands of other parties. It also recorded the killing of 9 people as a result of torture, at the hands of the parties to the conflict and the controlling forces in Syria.

According to the report, at least 162 cases of arbitrary arrest, including 5 children, were recorded in May by the parties to the “conflict” and the controlling forces in Syria, the largest percentage of which was at the hands of the Assad regime forces in Tartus governorate, followed by Hama and Damascus.

According to the report, May witnessed at least 7 incidents of attacks on vital civilian centers, 1 of which were at the hands of the Assad regime forces, and 6 after explosions that the report could not identify the perpetrators.

The report stated that the Assad regime’s bombing of areas close to the contact lines caused several fires to erupt within agricultural lands in the Jabal al-Zawiya area in the southern Idlib countryside and wheat fields in the al-Ghab Plain area in the western Hama countryside; This caused great material damage to the farmers.

The report spoke that the “presidential elections” proved that the Assad regime is illegitimate and won by the strength of the security services, and said that the elections were widely rejected by most countries of the world, which considered them illegitimate and did not reflect the will of the Syrians.

The report recorded detention operations of tens of thousands of Syrian citizens in the halls of universities, schools, and government institutions with all their employees, in order to force them to vote. After university students were threatened, if they did not comply with the instructions, with administrative penalties with the possibility of being summoned for investigation in the security branches; This forced the vast majority of students to vote for Bashar al-Assad.The report also recorded at least 34 incidents of arrests/detentions targeting civilians due to their non-participation and voting for Bashar al-Assad.

The report called on the Security Council to take additional measures after the issuance of Resolution No. 2254, and stressed the need to refer the Syrian file to the International Criminal Court and to hold all those involved accountable, including the Russian regime, after it was proven that it was involved in committing war crimes.

The report recommended that the Security Council issue a special resolution banning the use of cluster munitions and mines in Syria, similar to the ban on the use of chemical weapons, and that it include points on how to remove the remnants of these dangerous weapons.

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