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The Assad regime opposes extending the mechanism of the UN mechanism to areas outside its control

The Assad regime, its representative, the UN Security Council, opposed the mechanism for the introduction of UN humanity across the border into areas outside its control, deploring it “does not respect the standards of the sovereignty and independence of Syrian territory.”

Bassam Siqat, “The tourism in the US ambassador to the United Nations Greenfield, to the Bab al-Hawa border crossing with Turkey, is a prelude to extending the UN resolution, considering that the United States and its allies did not realize and do not want to realize that the facts and circumstances imposed by the resolution have completely changed, pointer indicator on the absence of official political papers.” At the moment, the image we have of discussions regarding this image is showing.”

And the United States representative to the United Nations, Thomas Greenfield, previously said that her country will work to reopen two crossings to deliver humanity to Syria, after they were closed due to a Russian veto in the Security Council, pointing out that the opening of two additional crossings, in support of displaced Syrians and asylum seekers in Turkey.

It is worth noting that Mark Lowcock, a United Nations official, appealed last week to the Security Council not to cut across the border, which represents a lifeline for about three million in the north of the country.

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