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Assad Regime forces target with artillery the village of Balyoun in Idlib southern countryside

A civilian was killed today, Monday, in artillery shelling by the Assad regime forces on the village of Balyoun in Jabal Al-Zawiya, in light of a clear artillery escalation campaign that expanded in the past few days in the area.

Our correspondent said that the Assad regime’s forces targeted twice, with heavy artillery, the village of Balyoun in the southern countryside of Idlib, causing the death of a civilian.

The Assad regime forces targeted several areas in the southern countryside of Idlib and western Hama yesterday, which led to the death of a man and the fall of a number of injuries in Mashoun, in addition to the outbreak of agricultural land fires in other areas.

From time to time, the Assad regime forces deliberately escalate artillery and missile attacks on the southern countryside of Idlib, especially Jabal al-Zawiya, to prevent the return of civilians to the area and prevent them from harvesting their agricultural crops.

The Assad regime forces and the militias supporting them continue their violations with artillery and missile shelling on the Jabal al-Zawiya areas on an escalating basis, while the revolutionary factions and Turkish forces are responding to the sources of the bombing that directly target civilian areas.

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