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Civil Defense warns of a new wave of displacement due to the bombing of the Assad regime and Russia on Idlib and Hama

The Syrian Civil Defense (White Helmets) warned of a new wave of displacement in Hama and Idlib, following the continuation of the escalation, which it described as dangerous, in Jabal Al-Zawiya and the Al-Ghab Plain.

In a statement, the Civil Defense said that the Assad regime forces escalated their bombardment on the villages of Jabal Al-Zawiya in the southern countryside of Idlib and the Al-Ghab Plain, during the past days, targeting residential neighborhoods and agricultural lands.

He added that the escalation coincides with the partial return of civilians to harvest their crops, which led to casualties, including children, at a time when Russia and the Assad regime are seeking to prevent the entry of aid across the border, which threatens a looming humanitarian catastrophe and collective punishment of more than 4 million civilians in the northwest of syria.

The statement pointed out that the long-term solution to the humanitarian crisis in Syria is a political solution in accordance with Security Council Resolution 2254, and this should be a top priority for the international community, which is called upon to stand by the Syrians and hold the Assad regime accountable for its crimes.

The Civil Defense published pictures of Al-Abrar camp in Idlib countryside, which was subjected to artillery bombardment by the regime and commented on it, “This tent is a school for children in Al-Abrar camp for the displaced, which is inhabited by about 160 families, near the town of Taoum in Idlib countryside. It was teeming with life and giving children a dose of hope, but today it is
Wednesday, June 9, it was no longer like that after it was targeted by the artillery shells of the regime forces. The Assad regime was not satisfied with displacing children and killing their dreams, even their simple tents, which were their last refuge.

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