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The National Coalition: The Assad regime must be prevented from continuing to fuel sectarianism in Syria

The Dialogue Committee of the Syrian National Coalition held a virtual meeting with representatives of the Syrian National Movement in a number of Syrian cities, and together they discussed a number of important issues about the development of the coalition’s structure and the future of Syria.

The attendees stressed the need to rely on effective and influential personalities, to stay away from sectarian quotas, and to work on building a civil state based on the principle of justice and equality.

It pointed out: “The importance of supporting the popular movement in Syrian cities, especially the movement in the coast, which has begun to grow and is more daring to challenge the criminal practices of the Assad regime.”

The attendees stressed the need to bridge the gap between the sects of Syrian society, and to prevent the Assad regime from continuing to feed sectarianism in the country, through convergence of views, and the formation of a clear vision for the future in which everyone would participate and preserve their dignity.

The attendees agreed to hold periodic meetings to reach a common vision, and to consolidate and enhance cooperation in order to meet the upcoming challenges in order to achieve the aspirations of the Syrian people for freedom, dignity and democracy.

Source: the media department of the Syrian National Coalition

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