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Response Coordinators: Assad regime forces and Russia continue to violate the ceasefire in northern Syria

Today, Thursday, the Syria Response Coordination Team issued a statement in which it talked about the continued violation of the ceasefire by the Assad regime and Russia, since the date of March 5, 2020, in the first de-escalation zone in the liberated north of Syria.

The team said: “During the past 24 hours, the Russian forces have targeted more than 26 points, causing civilian casualties and many injuries, in addition to hundreds of violations by the Assad regime’s forces, since the ceasefire was announced.”

The Response Coordinators Group condemned the recent escalations and asked all parties concerned with the Syrian issue to work to stop them, especially in light of the acceleration in the registration of infections with the emerging coronavirus, COVID-19. It also strongly condemned the forces of the Assad regime and Russia targeting facilities and infrastructure in the area again.

The team stressed that the region is unable to absorb the continuous waves of displacement and calls for preventing the recurrence of military operations and the increase in violations on a daily basis by the forces of the Assad regime and Russia in the region.

The team explained that thousands of civilians displaced from the areas of Idlib and Aleppo countryside are still unable to return to their homes due to the Assad regime’s control of their villages and towns, in addition to the continued violations of the ceasefire on a daily basis, which prevents the people of those villages and towns from returning.

Syria’s response coordinators monitored the great fear among civilians returning in some areas about the return of military operations and their inability to bear the cost of displacement again, calling on the international community to do everything necessary to prevent Russia and the Assad regime from engaging in hostilities and committing massacres in the areas of northern Syria.

This came at a time when Russia and the Assad regime are seeking to prevent the entry of aid across the border, which threatens a looming humanitarian catastrophe and collective punishment of more than 4 million civilians in northwestern Syria.

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