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The White Helmets: The Idlib and Afrin attacks are evidence of the premeditated intention to shuffle the cards before the Security Council meeting

The Syrian Civil Defense Foundation, “White Helmets”, announced in a statement today, Sunday, “The synchronization between the military escalation that the countryside of Idlib and Afrin is being exposed to is nothing but evidence of the intention of these attacks and the parties behind them with the aim of shuffling the cards and imposing a reality on the ground beforeThe Security Council meeting on July 11 to vote on the mechanism for the delivery of humanitarian aid across the border, so that negotiations will be over the body parts and blood of Syrians, as is the custom of war criminals.”

The statement stated that “a new terrorist crime, the victims of which are civilians, medical staff and White Helmets volunteers, was committed yesterday, Saturday, in the city of Afrin, as a result of missile strikes coming from areas controlled by the Assad regime and the Syrian Democratic Forces in the northern countryside of Aleppo.”

The statement noted that “this double crime is a continuation of the daily terrorism practiced against the Syrian people, which aims to inflict the largest possible number of civilian victims and kill humanitarian workers and White Helmets volunteers who rushed to rescue the victims.”

The statement called on the international community to stand firmly in the face of these systematic inhumane practices and to hold accountable the perpetrators of the Al-Shifa Hospital crime and other violations and crimes committed against the Syrians, and considered these crimes as a flagrant challenge to humanity and international humanitarian law.

It is worth noting that the latest statistic of the massacre of Al-Shifa Hospital in Afrin city has risen to 17 martyrs, including two humanitarian workers from Shafak Organization, two female employees of Al-Shifa Hospital.

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