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The National Coalition: We demand the influential countries to remove the Syrian Democratic Forces from their areas of control

The National Coalition called for the intervention of the active forces in the Syrian file to expel the Syrian Democratic Forces from the areas they control.

Nasr al-Hariri, head of the coalition, said in a press interview: “The coalition calls on Turkey and the countries influential in the Syrian file to intervene militarily to expel the Syrian Democratic Forces from the cities of Tal Rifaat, Manbij and other cities and towns controlled by these forces.”

Hariri added, “We call on the countries that fund the Syrian Democratic Forces, especially the United States of America, to stop their political and military support.”

He pointed out that “the recent attacks carried out by the Syrian Democratic Forces on the city of Afrin led to the death of 27 civilians and 25 wounded, including health sector workers.”

He considered that the attack on the city of Afrin coincided with attacks by the Assad regime forces on populated residential areas, indicating that both sides shared a “criminal” mentality against civilians.

He stressed that the “massacre” that happened in the city of Afrin should be present in international meetings. Hariri concluded his meeting by renewing the need to support the basic solution through Resolution 2254, and to extend the United Nations’ special mandate to deliver international aid to Syria across the border, which the Security Council will discuss next month.

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