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The Support Coordination Unit issues a report on the reality of the educational process in northern Syria

Today, Wednesday, the Support Coordination Unit expressed its concern about the reality of schools in the northern Syrian camps, which made it issue a report with the aim of obtaining comprehensive information that includes the educational reality, changes, developments and challenges as a result of the war.

According to the report, this data was collected by interviewing various sources of information and surveys included in the current version of the report, which is the fourth, which included surveys of the opinions of students, parents, teachers and school principals.

He pointed out that “these data reflect the educational situation from different points of view.”
The report added: “Only 175 camps out of more than 1,300 camps in northwestern Syria contain schools that hosted students during the past academic year 2020-2021.”

The report pointed out that “students in the camps use narrow roads, crowded with vehicles and pedestrians, on their way to their schools, especially that the roads in the camps are not equipped for the passage of cars because they are narrow and not paved, and that they should be used for the passage of public service vehicles only
He warned of the severe congestion on the roads used by all kinds of cars, which poses a threat to the lives of children, so it must be prevented.”
The rain, which makes it difficult for students to reach their schools.”

During the past years, the educational process in Idlib governorate has gone through many challenges and difficulties, most notably the Assad regime’s intentional targeting of schools, which led to the reluctance of large numbers of students to continue their education for fear of bombing, in addition to closing a large number of them after turning most of them into centers to shelter the displaced and displaced.
From military operations, the support provided by donors to the educational sector has stopped.

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