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Biden: There is a possibility of cooperation with Moscow to open humanitarian corridors in Syria

The United States said that there is a possibility for US-Russian cooperation to open humanitarian corridors in Syria, at a time when the mandate of the humanitarian aid mechanism through the Bab al-Hawa crossing is approaching, next July.

A senior US administration official said today, Thursday, that US President Joe Biden confirmed the possibility of cooperation with Russia on opening humanitarian corridors in Syria, in order to alleviate the crisis in the region.

This came hours after the end of the summit meeting between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin in Geneva, Switzerland, yesterday, where the two sides expressed a desire to find ways to bring together positions on the outstanding issues between them, according to what Putin said after the summit.

The US administration official did not mention any details about the nature of cooperation with Moscow, nor did he talk about the fate of aid through Bab al-Hawa.
And the American Associated Press had said before the summit that Biden would appeal to Putin to retract his threat to close the Bab al-Hawa crossing, and added, “Biden is looking to stave off another wave of civilian suffering in the devastating war in Syria when he meets Putin.”

A few days ago, Putin said that the provision of humanitarian aid should be carried out through the “central government of the country” and to all residents of the regions in Syria without discrimination.

Russia is seeking to close the Bab al-Hawa crossing – the only UN aid outlet to northwestern Syria – and to limit this aid to the Assad regime, which the United States and Europe is working to prevent, according to statements issued.
The current UN aid delivery mechanism is supposed to end on July 11, if Russia uses its veto to block its extension.

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