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European official: Lebanon’s crisis is due to mismanagement, not because of refugees

European Union foreign policy representative Josep Borrell criticized the continuation of the current situation in Lebanon without a government, and stressed the need not to confuse the presence of refugees with the current crisis in it.

Borrell’s statements came during a press conference held this morning after his meeting with Lebanese President Michel Aoun in Beirut.

Borrell said: “The crisis in Lebanon is local, caused by those in the country, and the repercussions on the people are difficult, and that the Lebanese leadership must assume its duties, form a government, and implement reforms quickly.”

Borrell expressed his confidence in Lebanon’s respect for the principle of not forcing refugees to leave, stressing that “the reason for Lebanon’s current crisis is mismanagement, not the number and presence of refugees.”

Borrell indicated that the European Union may impose sanctions on some Lebanese figures, in light of the continuation of the current situation.

Since the summer of 2019, Lebanon has witnessed an accelerating economic collapse, exacerbated by the horrific explosion of the Port of Beirut on the fourth of August and the measures to confront the Corona virus.

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