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The response coordinators call on the international community to intervene to stop the escalation of the Assad regime forces in Idlib and Hama countryside

Today, Monday, the Syria Response Coordination Team issued a statement on the military escalation of the forces of the Assad regime and Russia on the liberated areas in Idlib and Hama countryside.

The response coordinators said in his statement that the campaign of military escalation of the Assad regime and Russia’s forces on the latest de-escalation zone has been continuing since the beginning of this June.

The team added that the continuous violations caused the death of more than 37 civilians, including five children, six women and humanitarian personnel, and the injury of more than 52 civilians, including nine children and six women, in addition to targeting more than eight vital centers and facilities in the area.

The statement indicated that the number of violations of the cease-fire agreement in northwestern Syria, since the beginning of June until today, has reached 308 violations of the agreement.

The response coordinators called on all international actors to work effectively for a ceasefire in northwestern Syria, to stop targeting the infrastructure in the area, and to stop targeting civilians who are forced by the bombing to flee the area, and reiterated the warning of the region’s inability to withstand any new wave of displacement, especially In the camp areas, which are experiencing significant overcrowding.

During the past two weeks, the areas of Sahel al-Ghab and Jabal al-Zawiya witnessed intense bombardment by the forces of the Assad regime and Russia with heavy artillery and missiles, in addition to the intensively developed “Krasnbul” shells, which left many dead and wounded among civilians.

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