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Assad regime forces escalate their bombardment on Idlib countryside

The Assad regime forces targeted with heavy artillery shells several villages and towns in the southern countryside of Idlib, this morning, Tuesday.

Our correspondent said: “Artillery shelling by the Assad regime forces targeted the vicinity of Ariha city and the surroundings of Ahsam and Marayan towns, south of Idlib, without any reports of civilian casualties.”

He added, “The revolutionary factions bombed the latter’s sites with missiles in the village of Maarat Mukhas in the southern countryside of Idlib.”

He pointed to the continuation of the intensive flight of reconnaissance aircraft in the sky of jabal Al- Zawiyah and Al-Arbaeen in the southern Idlib countryside.

Yesterday, 7 civilians were killed in artillery shelling by the Assad regime forces on the towns of Al-Bara and Ahsam.

On the other hand, the Turkish army forces stationed in Jabal Al-Zawiya responded by targeting the positions of the Assad regime forces in the city of Kafr Nabel, which led to the destruction of several military vehicles.

Yesterday, the spokesman of the National Liberation Front operating in Idlib, Captain Naji Mustafa, commented: “The revolutionary factions continue to respond to violations of the ceasefire, stressing their full readiness to deal with all scenarios expected by the Assad regime forces.”

It is noteworthy that the Assad regime forces have continued their escalation for two weeks, targeting the villages and towns of Al-Ghab Plain, west of Hama, Jabal Al-Zawiya and Al-Arbaeen, south of Idlib.

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