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43 new cases of corona in northern Syria

The Epidemiological Surveillance Laboratory of the “Early Warning and Epidemic Response Network (EWARN”) recorded 43 new cases of coronavirus in the liberated areas in northern Syria.

The informant added that the registration of new infections raised the total number to 25,308, the recovery cases were 21,164, and 707 deaths.
He confirmed that the number of cases tested within 600, bringing the total number of cases tested to 151,241 in northern Syria.

The network recorded 24 new infections in the “Spring of Peace” areas in the northeast of the country, bringing the number of infections to 1,906, and 251 cases of recovery and 22 deaths after recording a new case.

The vaccination campaign against the Corona virus continues, in the liberated areas in northwestern Syria, under the supervision of the Syria Vaccine Team. On the morning of Saturday, May 1, 2021, the vaccination campaign against the Corona virus was launched in Idlib Governorate.

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