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Europe is considering supporting Turkey with 3.5 billion euros to continue hosting the Syrians

Yesterday, Wednesday, the European Union announced that it would consider supporting Turkey in the amount of 3.5 billion euros, to continue hosting Syrian refugees, for another three years (until 2024).

This came on, quoting European diplomats, who confirmed that this process comes within the framework of a larger regional plan to prevent migrants from reaching the Union.

The news agency “Reuters” said that the European Union countries are striving to prevent the influx of new refugees into the European Union, and to buy time until the 10-year war in Syria ends, according to the agency.

The amount of the humanitarian aid project to countries hosting Syrian refugees will amount to about 5.77, distributed over Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and northern Syria, which will go to support humanitarian projects and not to governments.
Turkey, for its part, wants EU funds to be paid directly to the government in Ankara, which is home to 3.6 million Syrian refugees.

Source: agencies

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