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Civil Defense confirms that the Assad regime used advanced weapons in bombing areas south of Idlib

The Civil Defense team (White Helmets) issued a report on the high rate of escalation by the Assad regime and Russia, in the various regions of the southern countryside of Idlib and the western countryside of Hama for the third week, confirming their use of advanced, high-precision weapons.

In an exclusive interview with Fresh Online, the media official in the Civil Defense, Firas Khalifa, said: “As for the weapons used by the Assad regime to target areas south of Idlib, they are accurate and sophisticated weapons that directly hit their targets.”

Khalifa added, “Most of the targets are residential places and vital facilities in the area, which in turn caused massive damage, due to the development of weapons used by the Assad regime in bombing those areas.”

He stressed, “that a civil defense center in the town of Qastoun was directly targeted, which led to its destruction and the death of one member and the injury of three others.”

Khalifa concluded: “The Assad regime’s targeting of all forms of life in the liberated north of Syria is a method of displacing civilians, as it uses almost daily.”

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