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Heads of State and Government of Europe invite their commissions to submit a proposal regarding funding the Syrians

On Thursday, the heads of state and government of the European Union called on the European Commission to submit a formal proposal, without delay, for funding to be provided to Syrian refugees.

This came in the Turkey section of the leaders’ summit statement during its meeting in the Belgian capital, Brussels.
According to the statement, the European Council called on the Commission to “submit a formal proposal without delay to continue funding Syrian refugees and host communities in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and other parts of the region.”

The statement stressed that “the European Union is ready to gradually and proportionally increase cooperation with Turkey in many areas that involve common interests,” noting that “the EU leaders noted the start of technical studies to allow the modernization of the customs union between the two sides.”

The statement stated, “It is possible to allow the modernization of the customs union with additional guidance in the European Council,” stressing the “necessity of removing the problems facing the activation of the current customs union, provided that this activation has a positive impact on all member states.”

It was emphasized that EU leaders indicated preparations for a high-level dialogue with Turkey on issues of common interest, such as migration, health, climate, counter-terrorism and regional issues.

The statement indicated that the European Council re-negotiated the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean, and relations between the European Union and Turkey, stressing that “the existence of a secure and stable environment in the Eastern Mediterranean, and mutually beneficial relations with Ankara, which enhance cooperation with it, are all in the interest
Union strategy.
The statement also stated that “the reduction in tension in the eastern Mediterranean is welcome and should continue.”

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