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New infections with the Corona virus were recorded throughout the Syrian regions

The northern Syrian regions recorded an increase in the toll of the Corona virus, along with the areas controlled by the Assad regime, while no update was recorded in the areas of the Syrian Democratic Forces in northeastern Syria.
In the details, the Epidemiological Surveillance Laboratory of the Early Warning and Epidemic Response Network Program revealed 67 cases of the Corona virus, in the liberated areas in northern Syria.

The network concerned with monitoring the outcome of Corona in northern Syria indicated that the new infections were recorded, raising the total number to 25,434, the recovery cases to 22,243 cases, and 707 deaths.

The network explained that the number of cases tested during 636, bringing the total number of cases tested to 152,530 in northern Syria.
And the network recorded 16 new injuries in the “Spring of Peace” areas, bringing the number of infections to 1,933 infections, 251 cases of recovery and 22 deaths, without recording new deaths.

The Assad regime’s Ministry of Health announced the registration of 39 new infections with the Corona virus, in addition to the registration of 4 new deaths.
According to the ministry’s statement, the number of injuries reached 25,287, while the number of deaths reached 1,859, while the number of people recovered reached 21,774, after 8 cases of recovery were recorded for previous cases.

The Health Authority of the Syrian Democratic Forces for North and East Syria recorded new deaths and injuries, as the number of infections reached 18,435 cases, including 761 deaths and 1,861 cases of recovery.

It is noteworthy that the Assad regime is taking advantage of the outbreak of the epidemic in its areas of control and continues to ignore health measures, as is the case in areas controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces, while warnings about the repercussions of the outbreak of the pandemic are mounting in northern Syria due to the overcrowding of the region, especially in displacement camps.

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