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Human Rights Report documents the killing of 52 people in Daraa governorate last July

The “Martyrs Documentation Office in Daraa Governorate” announced that it documented the killing of 52 people from Daraa governorate during last July.

The office said that among the dead were 11 children and two women, as a result of the resumption of clashes between fighters from the province and the forces of the Assad regime in the neighborhoods of Daraa city and the eastern and western countryside.

The office documented the killing of 14 fighters, most of them in Daraa city and its western countryside, 9 of them civilians, as a result of previous artillery and missile shelling on separate areas in the province.

The Bureau also documented the killing of 23 people as a result of assassinations and field executions, 6 of whom were former opposition fighters, in addition to documenting the death of a person as a result of torture in the detention centers of the Assad regime forces.

The Assad regime forces are still imposing a siege on the neighborhoods of Daraa al-Balad area, and preventing the entry of humanitarian aid into it, in an attempt to pressure the people of the area to accept the conditions set by the Assad regime’s security committee.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, stated in a statement issued on the fifth of this month, “Civilians in Daraa are exposed to real danger as a result of the continued violence and fighting under siege.”

According to the United Nations Human Rights Office, “the military campaign in Daraa city is the most dangerous since 2018, after the agreement brokered by Russia between the Assad regime forces and the former opposition factions.”

Daraa governorate has been witnessing a military escalation for weeks by the Assad regime forces after the failure of negotiations between the central negotiating committee for Daraa and the security committee of the former, as a result of the first’s insistence on handing over the people of the neighborhoods of Daraa al-Balad to their light weapons, deploying military checkpoints inside those neighborhoods and deporting those who do not accept its conditions to northwest Syria.

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