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50 Syrian migrants, including women and children, are stuck on a deserted island on the Greek border

“Time Turk” newspaper said that the Greek coast guard has left about 50 Syrian migrants, including women and children, on a deserted island in the Meriç River bordering Turkey, for 3 days without providing them with food and drink.

The newspaper stressed that this would expose them to death of starvation and thirst, while they were waiting for attempts to rescue them, as they were unable to go to the Greek side or enter Turkish territory.

The newspaper pointed out that despite the international reactions towards the migrants and the necessity of protecting and receiving them, the authorities in Greece still continue their inhuman and hostile practices against them and prevent them from entering the country.

For its part, prominent non-governmental organizations and activists called on the Turkish Foreign Ministry to take effective and real measures to rescue the Syrian migrants, who have been waiting for help for several days.

It should be noted that the Greek authorities have expanded a separation wall along its border with Turkey and set up a high-tech monitoring network to prevent the infiltration of migrants, which was condemned by the European Council for Human Rights.

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