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Human rights sources: Lebanese authorities hand over opposition Syrian detainees to the Assad regime

Human rights sources in Lebanon have confirmed that the Lebanese General Security handed over opposition Syrian detainees to the Assad regime after their sentence was ended in Lebanese judiciary.

Lawyer Muhammad Sablouh said yesterday, some of the detainees are referred to the Lebanese General Security which issues deportation decisions without a judicial permission and hands them over to the Assad regime, confirming since days there has been available information about handing over some Syrians.

Sablouh added that the Lebanese security will deport the arrested, Maiser Al-Azzawi (29 years), after the end of his sentence term in Lebanon.

He pointed out that the General Security had contacted one of his office’s lawyers a few days ago, and told him of the intention to hand over his client (Al-Azzawi) to the Assad regime, after he was imprisoned for three years on charges of belonging to “terrorist” organizations by a decision of the military court.
Other information confirms the news that one of the Syrian detainees in “Roumieh” prison, from the Al-Hawash family, was handed over to the Assad regime.

The Lebanese lawyer pointed out that the case of the six refugees is not over yet, and that the decision to release them following the “kidnapping” operation in front of the regime’s embassy in Beirut, has not yet been implemented under the pretext of “administrative routine.”

Sablouh warned that this development constitutes “a serious violation of the Convention against Torture, and exposes the detainees’ lives to death or torture at the hands of the Assad regime’s forces, in exchange for Lebanon being subjected to international accountability.”

He also called on local and international human rights organizations to act quickly, and to put pressure on Lebanese officials to stop such violations.

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