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8 deaths and 1016 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 were recorded in northwestern Syria

On the 3rd of this October, the liberated areas of northwestern Syria recorded 1,016 new infections with Corona virus, bringing the total number of infections to 75,766 since the start of the pandemic in the middle of last year.

According to the report issued by the Epidemiological Surveillance Laboratory of the Early Warning Network, 1016
coronavirus cases were recorded yesterday, while the recovery cases rose to 40,237 after 845 recovery cases were recorded, 377 of them in Idlib governorate, 468 cases in the “Olive Branch” and “Euphrates Shield” areas.

The infections were distributed among the cities and towns of Idlib governorate, so that the governorate recorded 694 new infections, including 333 in the Harem region, and 273 in Idlib city and its suburbs, while the cities and towns of the northern and eastern Aleppo countryside recorded 322 infections, 159 of them in Azaz region and 65 in Afrin region.

The observatory indicated that 14 cases were recorded for health sector workers, while the daily positive rate reached 61.01 percent, noting that 190 cases were recorded for the displaced within the camps in northwestern Syria.

While the number of deaths increased to 1268 cases, after 8 cases were recorded during the past hours, 2 of the recorded deaths were two doctors, all of whom were not vaccinated with the Covid 19 vaccine, according to the epidemiological surveillance laboratory.

It is noteworthy that the number of analyzes that were conducted in northwestern Syria reached 276,473 after 1665 analyzes were conducted during the past days.

It is referred to the epidemiological surveillance laboratory responsible for conducting corona smears, announcing the cessation of conducting these smears due to the exhaustion of special kits as a result of their use during the current peak period

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