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Human Rights Council: Syria is not safe for the return of refugees and displaced

The United Nations Human Rights Council has affirmed that Syria is still unable to provide a safe environment for the sustainable and dignified return of refugees and IDPs.

The Council has expressed its concern about the recent increase in acts of voilence in Idlib and Daraa which may lead to displacement of more civilians inside the country, exacerbating the ongoing crisis.

The Council has condemned the military operations carried out by the Assad regime forces in Daraa and Idlib and call on all the parties to immediately stop all the acts leading to displacement of civilians, including any acts that constitute war crimes or crimes against humanity.

The Council called on all parties to “assume their responsibilities and obligations under international law, in order to facilitate full, immediate and unhindered humanitarian access,” expressing its dissatisfaction with the continuing humanitarian crisis in the country.

The Council stressed that the recent siege of Daraa by the Assad regime forces constitutes a “war crime” represented by collective punishment, in addition to targeting humanitarian workers and people performing medical tasks, their means of transportation, equipment, hospitals, and other facilities.

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