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European Union will extend Sanctions on the Assad regime for one additional year

 Yesterday, The European Union renewed the extension of the sanctions imposed on Assad regime for one additional year due to its violations against the Syrian people.

According to a statement issued by the EU Council, the sanctions will be extended until Oct. 16, 2022.

The statement confirmed that the sanctions imposed on Assad regime due to its use of chemical weapons against Syrians will be extended for one year and may extend more.

The sanctions approved by the Federation Council on the Assad regime in 2018, include entities and personalities responsible for developing the chemical weapons program of the Assad regime.

The statement of the Federation Council indicated that two Syrian and Russian research centers for chemistry and technology responsible for developing chemical weapons for use against Syrians were included in the sanctions list.

The sanctions imposed by the European Union include travel bans and asset freezes for persons listed on the Council’s sanctions list within the countries of the Union.

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