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Germany arrests 400 migrants who tried to enter its territories, including Syrians

German police reported that it has arrested about 400 illegal migrants including Syrians, at the German-Polish border, who had tried to enter the country from Belarus.

The German DPA news agency, quoting a police source, said that 392 migrants had tried to enter German territory during the two days during the official holiday in the country.

According to the German police, the number of illegal immigrants who arrived at Germany since the beginning of this year until yesterday evening reached 2,603 immigrants, 810 of them during the week between the fourth and the tenth of October.

According to German police statistics, the majority of immigrants arriving in Germany are from Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Iran.

The German police statistics indicated that the process of entering the country is through Belarusian territory and then through Lithuania or Poland.

The German Interior Ministry stated that it is investigating the smuggling activities of migrants through Belarus and Poland, noting that the investigations target those responsible for the smuggling operations.

The German newspaper “Bild” indicated that the authorities in Belarus facilitate the arrival of migrants to the Polish border in exchange for money. Statistics from the German Interior Ministry indicate that the number of immigrants who have arrived to the country through Belarus has exceeded four thousand since last August.

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