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Reuters: Biden administration’s inaction with Assad regime encouraged Arab countries to normalize with it

Reuter’s agency stated in a report about the role of some Arab countries allied to the United Nations concerning normalizing its relations with Assad regime, the agency said:” reestablishing relations with it occurred at a time when western countries ignoring Assad regime and holding it responsibility for the crimes committed in Syria over the past years”.

The former US envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey, said:” A lot of talks are repeated in the media and Washington’s allies, that the United States no longer imposes its sanctions on the Assad regime under the Caesar Act or other laws.”

Jeffrey considered that the Jordanians feel that Washington will not punish them after the full normalization of relations with the Assad regime, which encouraged them to take this step.

For his part, the US State Department spokesman said earlier: “His country will not support the efforts of some countries to normalize their relations with the Assad regime,” adding that the United States does not encourage this and cannot restore a consideration to dictator who caused great tragedies to the Syrians.

He stressed that his country will not change its position towards the Assad regime, and will not restore relations with it, and will not encourage the reconstruction process before a political solution is reached in accordance with the relevant international resolutions.

Jordan had announced a complete normalization of relations with the Assad regime late last month, represented by the opening of the Nassib border crossing to the movement of passengers and freight between the two countries, and Arab countries, including Egypt and the UAE, are seeking to normalize their relations with the Assad regime.

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