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UNHCR announces suspension of assistance for Syrians in Lebanon

The Commissioner for refugees in Lebanon announced that it has suspended aid delivery to thousands of Syrian refugee families in Lebanon because of financial restrictions imposed on nutrition cards.

The Commissioner confirmed that the families excluded from the nutrition program next year were substituted by other families who had not previously received assistance as new beneficiaries.

The Commissioner spokeswoman, Lisa Abu Khalid, said: “We cooperate with WFP to conduct a review every year to assess the weakness points for refugees’ families using criteria in accordance with prevailing social and economic reality in the country.

Abu Khaled added, “The refugees who have been informed that they will no longer receive cash or food aid will continue to be eligible to benefit from other programs.”

And she continued, “This October, UNHCR and the World Food Program will send a text message to inform the families that assistance will be cut off from November 2021, and these families will continue to receive assistance during the months of September and October 2021 only.”

A UNHCR spokeswoman stressed that some families may not receive monthly cash assistance to cover their basic needs, but may continue to receive winter assistance, which is a package that covers the needs of the upcoming harsh winter season.

It considered the decision to separate aid from Syrian refugees in Lebanon as a disregard for human rights and a pervasive neglect of those charged with managing its affairs, while Lebanon is witnessing a stifling economic crisis that greatly affects the Syrians.

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