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Negotiating Committee: The Constitutional Committee will accomplish its mission within months if the international will is available

The Syrian negotiating bodies affiliated with the opposition and the Assad regime are preparing to participate in the Constitutional Committee’s meetings, which will be held on the eighteenth of this month, in the Swiss city of Geneva.

The co-chair of the Syrian Constitutional Committee, Hadi al-Bahra, said: “The opposition Syrian Negotiation Committee will participate in the meetings of the sixth round of the Constitutional Committee’s meetings on the eighteenth of this month.”

Al-Bahra added that the upcoming round will be devoted to discussing the formulation of basic principles in the constitution.

Al-Bahra pointed out that the international forces affecting the Syrian file are in agreement on the need to continue the work of the Constitutional Committee, as it is the possible way to reach real negotiations on the implementation of the remaining decisions of Resolution 2254.

Al-Bahra considered that the mission of the Constitutional Committee can be accomplished within four months, if the international will to do so is available.

He pointed out that the sixth round will be devoted to discussing the formulations of the basic principles of the constitution, and the next sessions will be scheduled for their work during the coming months of this year.

Al-Bahra noted that the Constitutional Committee will not be able to accomplish its specific task of drafting comprehensive constitutional reform completely and at the speed we want, without an international consensus among the influential forces.

Al-Bahra stressed that if the international will is available, the Constitutional Committee will be able to achieve its mission in a period not exceeding four months of continuous and diligent work.

The sixth round of the Constitutional Committee will be held on October 18, many months after the fifth round, which failed and did not achieve its goals due to the continued intransigence of the Assad regime delegation and its insistence on some of its demands.

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