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Washington describes its meeting with Taliban as positive

The US State Department spokesman said: “The meetings of the American delegation with the representatives of Afghan Taliban movement in the Qatari capital, Doha, were honest, practical, and positive.”

This came in statements he made, on Tuesday, about the direct meetings that started on Saturday, and brought together the US delegation and representatives of the “Taliban” in Qatar for the first time

Price added that the US delegation’s meetings with Taliban representatives in Doha were business meetings and they tackled several issues of which: “Terrorist threat in Afghanistan, American citizens, and operations for permitting the Afghans and foreigners who supported the US to leave the country.”

He also indicated that senior US intelligence officials were also present at the meetings, refusing to answer questions about whether the Taliban would cooperate with the United States regarding ISIS in Khorasan Province.

“There is a common interest here, ISIS-K poses a threat to the United States and its partners as well as to the Taliban,” Price emphasized.

And in the middle of last August, the “Taliban” took control of Afghanistan and took over, coinciding with the withdrawal of US forces from the entire country.

Source: Anatolia

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