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International Coalition: ISIS still poses a threat in Syria and Iraq

The Commander of the International Coalition Forces to combat, General John Brennan, confirmed that the Islamic State still poses a threat to both Syria and Iraq, coinciding with the increase in ISIS activity in the Syrian Desert.

General John Brennan said during a meeting with the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani: “The Islamic State still poses a threat in Syria and Iraq,” adding that he discussed the latest developments in both Iraq and Syria and common issues.

Brennan stressed the need to continue the international coalition’s support for the Peshmerga forces fighting ISIS in the region.

The statement of the International Coalition about the threat posed by the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq coincides with the the Islamic State’s activity, surprisingly, in the Syrian desert.

During the past few days, ISIS launched large-scale attacks against the Assad regime and Iranian militias in the countryside of Raqqa, especially in the Rusafa desert.

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