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World Food Program: 12 million Syrians have become food insecure

The United Nations World Food Program has announced that Syria is one of nine countries at high risk of climate change.

According to the World Food Program, ten years of devastating crisis and severe economic collapse have led to food insecurity for more than 12 million people in Syria.

The United Nations had earlier warned of the recent water crisis and drought-like conditions affecting the country and about 40 percent of irrigated agricultural areas can no longer rely on the availability of water.

The United Nations World Food Program had previously said that nearly 90 percent of Syrian families are working with negative coping strategies to survive in Syria.

The United Nations World Food Program explained that these strategies adopted by the Syrians depend on reducing the amount of food they eat, buying less, and entering into debt to buy the basics, and the program confirmed that it supports nearly 5 million families affected by the conflict in Syria every month.

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