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Turkey: The presence of our forces in Syria is a guarantee of stability in the region

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said in a speech during the RT World 2021 forum that the presence of his country’s forces in Syria and Libya “led to stability on the ground, and prevented irregular migration .”

Cavusoglu said: “Turkey only uses hard power when other options have been exhausted and only to initiate dialogue and diplomacy. This is what we do to resolve frozen conflicts, de-escalate tensions and protect our national interests.”

He added, “Turkey’s concept of power is to seek to resolve differences and problems through diplomatic means, cooperation and solidarity,” noting that his country is one of the world’s largest providers of humanitarian aid.

Davutoglu explained that Turkey and Ankara seek to establish an international system that uses force for good and help those in need.

Davutoglu stressed that Ankara seeks to establish an international system that uses force for good and help the needy, pointing out that Turkey will not compromise its rights in the region.

He explained that all of his country’s policies in this regard aim to preserve its interests there (Syria and Libya), and that they are ready to hold a comprehensive conference to study the situation in the eastern Mediterranean, with Turkey’s desire to resolve differences through diplomatic means.

Erdogan said, in an interview with the Turkish “Crater” magazine, previously: “His country is making great efforts in the Syrian Idlib region, and that the Turkish presence there saved the lives of millions and prevented their displacement.”

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