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An international report presents the high rate of food insecurity and “hunger” in Syria

The International Federation of  Red Cross and Red Crescent societies issued a report about the high rate of food insecurity and “hunger” in Syria by 400,000 people through the first half of the this year.

The report stated the number of people suffering from food insecurity has reached 12.8 million people an increase of more than 60% compared with the last year, who are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance in Syria.

The report indicated about launching “an emergency action plan in Syria” due to the drought, and monitoring unprecedented decrease in the water level of Euphrates  River leading to decrease in the most significant water tanks in Syria and a decrease in the ability to produce power.

The report quoted the Food and Agriculture Organization of the World (FAO), that farmers face challenges in preparing for the next planting season due to the lack of liquidity and access to credit, while the prices of inputs such as fertilizers and fuel are increasing. The seeds are poor quality with low germination rates due to the significant reduction in the current season’s harvest.

It is worth noting that an official at the United Nations World Food Program said earlier that the Syrians are living in “the worst humanitarian conditions since the beginning of the crisis,” ten years after the start of the revolutionary movement demanding freedom and confronting the Assad regime with a comprehensive war against the people.  

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