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Organizations in America ally to pressure Biden to pay more attention to Syria

Syrian-American organizations and associates have formed a new bloc in Washington aiming to pressure Biden’s administration to pay more attention to the Syrian issue, under the name of “The American Alliance for Syria”.

The Alliance seeks to be an attempt to form a “Syrian lobby” in the United States, to push the US administration to place the Syrian file on President Joe Biden’s priorities, for political goals related to supporting the Syrian revolution and the humanitarian situation in the country, according to activists.

This bloc includes 9 organizations, which are “Americans for a Free Syria,” “Pac Free Syria,” “Kayla Buck,” “Citizens for a Safe America,” “Support for Justice,” and “Syrians Christians for Peace,” “The Clerics for Syria”, “the Syrian American Council”, and the “Syrian Forum”, which are organizations active in political affairs and advocacy.

Dr. Zaher Sahloul, director and founder of the “Religious Men for Syria” organization, said in an interview with Arabi21 that “the Alliance’s goal is to unify efforts for the next stage, especially since the Syrian file is witnessing a decline in international attention.”

Dr. Zaher Sahloul, director and founder of the “Religious Men for Syria” organization, according to what was reported by “Arabi 21,” confirmed that the bloc’s goal is to return the Syrian file to the international scene with strength, after it witnessed a decline in the past years.

Sahloul added, “They also aim to push the Biden administration to not only care about northeastern Syria, which is subject to the SDF, but rather pay attention to all of Syria, especially Idlib.”

Officials in the Biden administration made it clear earlier that the Syrian file is not considered one of the priorities of the current US administration.

The session held by the alliance after its announcement witnessed the participation of former US Ambassador Robert Ford by default (video technology), directors of the offices of a number of members of Congress, in addition to a number of Christian clerics in solidarity with the cause of the Syrian people, and influential figures in American civil society.

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