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Turkish parliament ratifies on remaining the Turkish forces in Iraq and Syria for two additional years

Yesterday, Tuesday, the Turkish parliament renewed the authorization of the motion submitted by the Turkish presidency to extend the functions of the Turkish army in Syria and Iraq for an additional two years, in order to eliminate threats targeting Turkish territory.

The motion, which was approved by a majority in the parliament’s general assembly, stated that the Turkish army would stay in Syria and Iraq for an additional two years, starting from the end of this month.

The motion talked about the dangers threatening Turkish national security coming from Syria and Iraq as a result of the continuation of the Syrian conflict in the areas adjacent to Turkey’s southern land borders, according to what Anatolia reported.

The motion stressed, “The continued presence of the PKK and the Islamic State “ISIS” in Iraq, and the pursuit of terrorist organizations that Turkey classifies on its terrorist lists for separatist attempts on ethnic grounds, constitute a threat to security and stability in Turkey.”

The motion referred to the presence of “pkk” and “ISIS” in the Syrian border areas with Turkey, and their continued “subversive” and hostile activities against Turkish national security, and considered that the “pkk” organization continues its separatist activities in Syria.

It also confirmed the continuation of risks and threats aimed at undermining stability and security in the area of ​​​​”Spring Shield” operations in Idlib, northwest Syria.

The motion submitted by the Turkish presidency to the parliament stressed the need to take the necessary measures in accordance with international law with regard to the unity of both Syria and Iraq.

The Turkish parliament’s extension of the presidential memorandum came after the opposition of the Republican People’s Party, whose leader confirmed hours before the session to discuss that memorandum, that his party’s deputies would oppose the renewal of the government’s mandate to send Turkish forces outside the country.

On October 7, 2020, the Turkish parliament approved the renewal of the mandate granted to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan regarding the work of Turkish forces outside the country.

It is the first time that the Turkish Parliament has ratified the missions and work of the Turkish army outside the country for two consecutive years.

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