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Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper monitors the complex military situation in northern Syria

Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper said, in a report, that the military situation is intertwined between “Russia, Turkey and America” in the regions of northern Syria, in addition to the fact that Turkish, Russian and American officials reiterate the necessity of full commitment to the agreements signed regarding military arrangements in northern Syria, with its western and eastern wings.

The newspaper stressed that the agreements signed between these parties were born from the womb of military operations during the past years, until the country stabilized in the form of three areas of influence, supervised by the armies of the three countries with Syrian partners or allies.

The newspaper noted that each party focuses on specific agreements between the two parties, as Russia focuses on the Idlib agreement, and Turkey on the East Euphrates agreement to remove the Syrian Democratic Forces from the border, while the United States does not want to attack its Kurdish allies.

The newspaper pointed out that Moscow escalated strikes in Idlib prior to the meeting of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, last month, and maintained coordination east of the Euphrates, while Ankara is currently escalating and mobilizing its forces east of the Euphrates and northern Aleppo, prior to the meeting between Erdogan and US President Joe Biden.

The newspaper noted Putin’s deployment of fighter planes in Qamishli, where pressure is increasing on the American presence, while Iran, located in Al-Bukamal and Al-Mayadin, west of the Euphrates, “began to infiltrate through soft power into the American neighborhood.”

The newspaper’s report considered that “these are all indications of the intertwining of the path between Idlib, Aleppo and east of the Euphrates, the difference in the military’s interpretation of agreements written by diplomats in implementation of the directives of political leaders, and the intertwining of the Syrian field situation with other regional, international and bilateral files between America, Russia and Turkey.”

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