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5 Deaths and 85 new COVID-19 cases were recorded in northern Syria

The Early Warning Network recorded in its latest statistics on November 11, 2021, 5 deaths and 85 new infections with Corona virus in northern Syria.

The network counted 3 deaths and 68 new infections with Corona virus in northwestern Syria, and the total number of infections reached 90,708, and the total deaths reached 1975.

The network stated that 16 new Covid-19 cases were recorded, including 16 in Aleppo countryside (9 Afrin, 1 Jabal Samaan, 1 Azaz, 2 Jarabulus, and 3 al-Bab), and Idlib governorate recorded 52 infections (3 Ariha, 18 Harem, 28 Idlib, 3 Jisr al-Shughur).

The network recorded 508 recovery cases, 128 of which were recorded in Aleppo countryside (81 Afrin, 45 Azaz, 2 Jabal Samaan), and 380 were recorded in Idlib Governorate (19 Ariha, 96 Harem, 265 Idlib), bringing the total number of recovery cases to 55,676.

The Epidemiological Surveillance Laboratory of the Early Warning Network Program indicated that it conducted 387 analyzes of Corona virus, bringing the number of analyses to 308,354 in northern Syria.

The Early Warning Network also announced the registration of two deaths and 17 new infections with Corona virus, in the area of Operation Peace Spring, which is controlled by the Turkish and Syrian National armies in the countryside of Raqqa and Hasakah.

The Alert Network stated that it conducted 90 new analyzes, noting that the total number of infections in the Operation Peace Spring area reached 10,736, of whom 78 died, and 2,999 recovered.

Humanitarian organizations operating in northwestern Syria have warned of the approaching collapse of the health sector in the region due to pandemic outbreak.

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