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Israeli channel: Bombing Latakia port targeted advanced weapons smuggled from Iran

The Israeli “Kan” channel revealed that the Israeli bombing of Latakia port, on Tuesday, aimed to strike advanced weapons smuggled from Iran by sea.

The channel stated that Israeli assessments indicate that the attack targeted cruise missiles or suicide drones.

The channel explained, “This is the tenth attack attributed to Israel in Syria in a month and a half, and the first against targets in the port itself.”

The channel pointed out that “the Israeli attack on Latakia port, as well as the rest of the previous attacks attributed to Israel, reflect an Israeli effort to try to destabilize Bashar al-Assad and the Iranians, given that Bashar al-Assad may not have known about the Iranian arms shipment.”

According to the channel, the aim of the Israeli attack is to “try to embarrass Bashar al-Assad, and to show the price he is paying in exchange for cooperation with the Iranians.”

Yesterday, Tuesday, Israeli warplanes launched air raids targeting the port of Latakia on the Syrian coast, causing material damage in the targeted area.

The Assad regime’s agency, SANA, stated that the Israeli raids led to material losses in the targeted area, and caused fires to ignite a number of commercial containers.

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