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Missile attack targets US base in Deir Ezzor

Yesterday, Saturday, a number of missiles targeted Al-Omar oil field, which the US forces use as a military base in Deir Ezzor Governorate, eastern Syria.

Local sources said: ” Several missiles fell near the residential area inside the field which led to the outbreak of fire, and there were no reports of deaths or injuries as a result of the bombing.”

The sources added: ” The US forces stationed in the field put out the fires and responded with missile strikes on the source of the missiles, and US drones flew over the field after the bombing..”

The source of the missiles was not known, but the sources suggested that the missiles were launched from Assad regime-controlled areas in Deir Ezzor governorate, where thousands of members of Iranian-affiliated groups are stationed.

In late 2019, former US President Donald Trump approved a plan to withdraw his country’s forces previously deployed in Syria, but later decided, as a result of pressure from members of his administration, to keep 900 military personnel to ensure American control of the oil fields that had been seized in the Jazira region.

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