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UK’s Defense Ministry: Russia has made little progress near Kyiv, and Washington is fully convinced that Putin will fail in Ukraine

The British Defense Ministry said today: a column of Russian forces in north of Ukrainian capital has made little progress in over a week and Washington confirms its conviction in Putin’s failure in Ukraine.

The UK’s Defense Ministry stated in a statement: ” As casualties mount, President Putin will be forced to draw from across Russian armed forces and other sources to replace the losses,” according to Reuters news agency.

The Ministry added if the Russian military operations do not stop in Ukraine, there will be a horrific repercussions on the global and European security.  

For his part, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said yesterday, Wednesday, that Washington is fully convinced that Putin will fail in the ongoing military operations in Ukraine, and that Moscow will suffer a strategic defeat there.

Blinken added, in a joint press conference with British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, that “Putin is increasingly turning to a strategy of destroying population centers in Ukraine, and despite the tactical gains in seizing some Ukrainian cities, he is facing widespread popular opposition with his forces controlling those cities,” according to the agency.

He continued if his goal was to remove the current government and put in place a system that he liked, I think it was very clear that the Ukrainian people would never accept that”.

He pointed out “If the Russian president tries to impose order by keeping Russian forces in Ukraine, there will be a bloody and protracted chaos, which will cause constant suffering for Russia”.

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