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”Syrians for Truth and Justice”: “Wagner” militia transports mercenaries of the Assad regime from Libya to Russia

“Syrians for Truth and Justice” organization said: It has information confirming that a Syrian security company acting as a proxy for the Russian Wagner Group has transferred Syrian fighters from Libya to Syria and they eventually will be transferred to Russia to join the Russian troops fighting in Ukraine.

The organization confirms in a report published today on its website that the batch of Syrian fighters will be transferred from Benghazi city to Syria as a first step towards transferring them to Ukraine. It said it had monitored a flight taking off from Benghazi towards Damascus International Airport followed by other flights from Syria to Russia.

The organization pointed out that it has field researchers working at Homs, Daraa, and As Suwayda provinces. The researchers monitored an increase in the registration of the names of fighters who are willing to fight in Ukraine as mercenaries. The salary is 1000 USD per month and the mission will last for seven months.

Dozens of human rights reports confirmed that Russia began recruiting Syrian mercenaries affiliated with the Assad regime to transfer them to Russia to participate in the war against Ukraine in exchange for high salaries.

The Assad regime has previously confirmed its readiness to fight alongside the Russian forces and participate in the battles against Ukraine, and it is waiting for a signal from Russia.

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