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Ukrainian Foreign Ministry: Russian forces carry out a massacre in Bucha town

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry announced yesterday that the Russian forces carried out a massacre in the town of Bucha, west north Kyiv.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said: “The Russian forces had killed the civilians to eliminate as many Ukrainians as possible.”

The Ukrainian minister called on G7 nations to ban Russian petroleum products and separate Russia’s banks from the “SWIFT” system. He also urged the International Criminal Court (ICC) to collect evidence of what he called Russian war crimes.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry published photographs showing dead bodies of civilians lying on the streets of Bucha town that were killed at the hands of Russian forces.

For her part, the UK’s Foreign Secretary called for an investigation on war crimes and attacks against innocent civilians during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The head of the European Council said: “We are helping to collect the necessary evidence of war crimes in Kyiv to prosecute Russia in international courts.”

It is worth noting that the Russian forces carried out massacres against the civilians during their withdrawal from civilian areas near the capital, Kyiv.

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