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Syrian doctors are training Ukrainian medical cadres

The American journalist “Olga Tokariuk” published an article in the American “Time” magazine, that Syrian doctors with specialization in paramedics, trauma, and war medicine had trained approximately one thousand Ukrainian doctors at a time the Russia is invading  their country.

The Syrian man Mustafa Kayyali with a group of specialist doctors sent a message to the journalist “Olga Tokariuk” on Twitter and offered to train Ukrainian nurses on how to deal with patients who suffered from the use of chemical and biological weapons.  

Tokariuk said that she passed Mustafa’s message to her contacts in Ukraine. After two weeks she was informed that the first training of Syrian doctors for Ukrainian medics had been conducted and followed by several other sessions.

Dr Abdullah Abdulaziz Alhaji had conducted the training sessions. He is a specialist in general surgery and the president of the Academy of Health Sciences, established in 2011 after the start of war in Syria to provide medical training to local doctors and civilians. 

It is noteworthy that Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine on February 24, which was met by angry international reactions and the imposing of “tough” economic and financial sanctions on Moscow.

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