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The Syrian Civil Defense launches an initiative to teach Ukrainian paramedics how to deal with Russian bombardment

The Syrian Civil Defense launched an initiative in northwest Syria by filming a tutorial video. The Syrian rescuers provided advices and instructions to Ukrainian paramedics on how to deal with war injuries resulted from the Russia’s bombardment on Ukrainian cities.

The “White Helmets” Civil Defence inside the destroyed buildings of Ariha city in Idlib countryside have published clip shots to simulate the real bombardment of the Russian airstrikes. One of the rescuers illustrated how to fix the limbs if they got injured, and how to apply bandages and tourniquets. They applied the steps that should be taken by using a dummy.

The volunteer rescuer Ismail al-Abdullah explained to AFP agency that the aim of the initiative is to produce tutorials that will be translated into Ukrainian language, and The content is intended to help rescuers and civilians in Ukraine deal with Russia’s bombardment as it did in Syria imposing a siege on major cities and targeting the medical and vital facilities.

Al-Abdullah stressed that the Civil Defence teams have obtained great experiences in dealing with the emergency response of Russian bombardment during seven years.

The Syrian Civil Defense announced earlier last month that it was preparing a series of videos to help Ukrainian civilians learn civil defense tasks, such as how to deal with unexploded missiles or the best way to evacuate a building under bombardment, in addition to providing the necessary equipment and supplies that must be needed by the Ukrainian rescuers and evacuation teams.

Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, Russia has bombed dozens of civilian facilities, hospitals and schools. Russia has also killed hundreds of civilians, in crimes that mimic the crimes it committed in Syria since the start of its intervention on September 30, 2015.

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