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An American newspaper reveals the reasons for Russia’s superiority in Syria and its failure in Ukraine

The American newspaper “Washington Post” announced in a report yesterday, Friday, that Russia’s failure in Ukraine and its superiority in Syria have three factors that were not existed in Syria, despite its use of the same military methods used in Syria.

The newspaper said in the report: “Russia’s superiority in Syria is due to three main factors that were existed in Syria. The first factor is the divisions, dispersion, and military incompetence of the Syrian opposition, and the second factor that made Ukraine excel during its war with Russia is that it is united under one leader and with one goal.”

The newspaper added that the third and most important factor is the military and international support that the revolutionary factions did not receive during their war with Russia, such as the one received by Ukraine, which made Russia excel during its war in Syria.

Russia had one naval base in Syria before the war, and supported the Assad regime diplomatically from the beginning. In 2015, Moscow helped lead the Assad regime’s air wars against Syrian cities and civilians, turning the equation in favor of the regime, which has regained control of nearly all of the country.

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