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Jordan: Dozens of groups operate in southern Syria as drug smugglers across the border

The BBC quoted a Jordanian colonel as saying there are more than 160 groups in southern Syria working as drug traffickers to smuggle drugs into Jordanian territories.

The BBC added that the military clashes between the Jordanian army units and drug smugglers have become more intense than ever.

The BBC indicated in a report that these smuggling groups operate according to different plans like those of organized crime and use drones to explore the areas in front of them.

The report quoted the Jordanian colonel as saying: “The most dangerous thing for border guards is the presence of armed groups alongside the smugglers, prompting most often the border guards to ask for military support.

The colonel in the Jordanian army, Moustafa al-Hiyari, said: “We’re fighting on behalf of other countries in the region and the whole world”. He also stressed that the “drugs are destroying our families, morals, and values.”

Drug smugglers from Syria use secret routes and tunnels to smuggle their products to avoid Jordan’s control of its border with Syria, which extends more than 360 kilometers, but many of them were shot dead by border guards while trying to cross.

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