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The US State Department: We will continue our efforts to hold the Kremlin accountable for shielding the Assad regime from accountability for its chemical weapons use

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced yesterday, Friday, in a ministry statement, that his country continues its efforts to hold Russia accountable for supporting the Assad regime using the chemical weapons against its own people.

Blinken said on the 25th anniversary of the entry into force of the Chemical Weapons Convention: The world is still threatened by the specter of chemical weapons. He stressed that his country is committed to hold accountable any country responsible for using the chemical weapons, pointing out that his country seeks to hold Russia accountable for shielding the Assad regime after its use of chemical weapons.

Blinken confirmed that ISIS and the Assad regime have used chemical weapons in Syria.

Blinken noted that “the United States couldn’t confirm whether Russia had used chemical weapons in Ukraine,” stressing that it would face serious consequences if it used chemical weapons in Ukraine.

He pointed out during the statement that the United States has worked with its allies and partners to help rid the world of chemical weapons and also deter their use by anyone.

It is noteworthy that US President Joe Biden accused Russian President Vladimir Putin last March of considering the use of chemical weapons in his war against Ukraine, without providing evidence.

Earlier, the joint investigation mission of the United Nations and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons confirmed on October 27, 2017, the responsibility of the Assad regime for carrying out the chemical attack in the town of Khan Sheikhoun, killing more than 100 people, including children.

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